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Some Examples are going to be showed here ...

3D Logo for our music DUO VAGABUNT

At first, I created our logo in 2D. This is the one you can see in the background of this website. It was kind of "collage"...

I was thinking, why not actually do it in 3D and print it!?

I found some 3D drawing of a guitar, clarinet and earth.
I have been working on it so that they become 1 and look like our 2D logo (Screeshot left).

Then I have been designing a base in different versions where you can find written on it the name of our duo, our email adress and phone number (screenshot right).

Here you can find some fotos of one version printed with SLA Technologie with a transparent resin.

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I designed one version of it and hollowed the earth so that that you can put in it a tea light led which is going to bring a nice warm light from inside to the earth and the music instruments!

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    3d logo fusion
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    3d logo slicer
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    logo 3d
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    logo website

Developing housing for Triphari's sensor: Fernfreund

The company Triphari (Rostock) is developing a product called "Fernfreund" which aim to help senior citizen.
I am developing, drawing and printing the housing for their sensor. You can see beside one of the first prototypes.

  • IMG-20200407-WA0001
  • prototyp_am_v1_7

Harmonica duplicator for harmonica holder

I often play diatonic harmonica to accompany me on the guitar to play some melodies. The problem is, as you probably know, that a one-key diatonic harmonica doesn't have all the notes you might need to play a melody. In this case you need to combine your harmonica with another diatonic harmonica with the appropriate key. The problem is that it does not exist any harmonica holder on the market which can hold 2 simultaneously...
That's why I decided to draw and print my own "duplicator" so that I can combine and fix 2 harmonicas on a single harmonica holder with the keys I need to play the melody I want!

And it works really well!! Perfect as well for live music! :)

Spectrometer / Housing for electronic devices (or others)

I have been daily in my previous und current job designing and 3D printing some High Tech spectrometers, prototypes, housing for electronic devices, etc... which I am unfortunately not able to show here because of data protection.

Draw and Print / Practical application

I needed to fix a tube that I found (I think it was some rest of an old tent...). I drew an adapter, printed it and fixed it! (See pics right).

It looks like it worked!


Another example:
We have a LCD Projector but our ceiling is too high and the walls too far away... But we have a kind of tripod and some wood. I designed and 3D printed an adaptor to connect both of them (see pics below).


I drew a kind of totem that one can print either

- big with for example a PLA-Wood Material that one could fix it to a wall with a nail or a screw through the hole at the top for decoration

- or why not small and detailed (with SLA printer) for a hearing for example!?


Easy but really practical application

Our shower head was so fixed to the wall that we did not get any water on us while taking a shower and it was not possible to set it.
In order to fix it, I designed and printed an easy adapter with a perfect angle to not waste any water anymore!